Automated Mailing Services

Mail Works II offers a variety of marketing services but primarily focuses on mailing. We mail 1.5 million letters, 1.5 million postcards, and another 500,000 miscellaneous items locally, nationally, and worldwide each month.

Complete Mail Services

Mail Design

We understand setting up that mail piece can be big cost savings to your postage budget. With our complete mail services, we can fulfill all your mail and postal requirements to maximize USPS mail processing efficiencies.

Database Management

A clean database saves you money and increases the impact of your mailing. We CASS Certify and NCOA your mailing list. If you have not looked at you list in a while, we can do the heavy lifting for you. Our Address Resolution Services will match your databases name and address against the National Change of Address database, Utility Bills, Mortgage & Tax Databases to help complete your information. It will append the person’s name if you only have initials, and will give you an up-to-date address. We can Merge databases, eliminate duplicates, we can maintain your database, and provide you with targeted lists to like customers that are not in your data files

Timed Mailings

We take charge of the arrival and departure dates to save money on shipping. In order to improve delivery times and save postage costs, we'll send your mail directly to the postal entry unit nearest to the mailing destination.


We give your letters the personal touch needed, improving your chances of communicating your offer and make a sale.


Sometimes you do something extra. A sample for that over-the-top marketing piece. We will personalize strategies to engage your customer with the same care and efficiency as all mailings.

Specialized Mailing Services

Preprinted or Variable Data

We can handle preprinted data efficiently. You can send us your printed letters, and we will give the address labeling without using the windowed mailings. Our automation system will scan the letters to put the corresponding addresses on the outside of the letters, giving a personal touch to your mailings.

Barcode Print & Collection

With us, you can print unique barcode(s) for order tracking and history development to see the responsive rate. Although if you don’t have a point of sale system, you can create a customer database by scanning coupons that come into the store.

Stamp Application

Are you sending out large quantities of letters? Our automated equipment can quickly work and address your letters at the same time.

Custom Labeling

We offer a custom labeling process that can be adjusted to meet your needs to have your information printed onto the mailings.

Poly Bag Mailing

Do you need to send a promotional item to your customer? Our polybag mailing process lets you have your company name printed on the outside of the package to let your customers know who it's coming from.

Results Tracking

Our result tracking program lets our clients see where their mailers or packages are being sent and when they arrive at the destination. We use a barcode system so that you can view all steps of the mailing process.

Automated Mail Services

High-Speed Inkjet Addressing

Inkjet Printing digitally prints the address labels, reducing the risk of ink smears and speeds up the printing process to fulfill orders more efficiently.

Variable Data and Graphics

Variable data and graphics increase the impact of your message, grabbing the attention of your clients to make the sale.

Intelligent Inserting

Our automation system uses intelligent inserting capabilities to insert letters or whatever you need into your envelopes automatically. It reduces your cost, allowing you to save money.

Automated Flat Inserting

Through our automated flat inserting, you can cut, print, and process your mailers all at once with fewer mistakes, saving time.

Automated Letter Inserting

Automated letter inserting is inexpensive and can be adjusted to send your orders quickly through the mail.

Digital Printing

Digital printing allows you to print in high volume quickly with better quality and more crisp images.

Statement Processing

Our statement processing will ensure all the bills are delivered to the right place and printed on time. Our database management system allows our clients to input and records the information to print the statements and address the labels.