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Mail Works II


We can integrate your simple Direct Mail Campaign with multiple technologies to turn a single mailing into a 30-day campaign with 8-16 customer engagements.

Mail Works II

Grow Your Business

MERGE OLD and NEW Technologies

Offering everything from Addressing and Data Management to Digitally Integrated Marketing and Wide-Format Printing

Digital Print Direct Mail and Digital Marketing

Your goal is the growth of your business, and ours is to help you do just that. 

Here's how we can help you do that.  We have added the ability to incorporate digital components to your mailings.  What we call Mail Works DI, you will call way overdue!

Firstly, we marry the mailing names and or addresses to social media accounts.  Once that is complete, we integrate multiple technologies with your mail project to create an omni-channel marketing campaign.  That's right, all the great benefits of mail and the ability to turn one mailing into a multi-platform 30-day campaign directed at your intended audience.

Another great feature is that you get to monitor the progress of the campaign in real time.  You do that through your own personalized dashboard.  Monitoring, Reporting, and a true attribution of campaigns results which are updated every few hours?

Mail Works II
Mail Works II
Mail Works II

Why Choose Us

When you want your message delivered on time, you want Mail Works involved.

We plan everything from Printing and Shipping Schedules to Delivery times to match your deadlines.  No matter if you are in New York, Texas, or California, we get it there when you want and expect there.

Direct Mail & DIGITAL Marketing

Mail Works DI
Our Purpose is to make direct mail THE most effective form of advertising by integrating it with
cutting edge digital marketing technology.

  • Average increase in results with Mail Works DI is 23-46%!
  • Monitor Your campaign with a personalized dashboard that shows results in REAL TIME

WHY Mail Works DI for you?

  • 8-16 touches to the direct mail recipients for a fraction of the cost of a stamp!
  • Ream Time Trackabe Results through a personal dashboard making it easier to see attribution and determine ROI.
  • Omni-Channel marketing that integrtes with the power of direct mail for an average 23-46% lift in results
  • Streamline effective marketing strtegies through a single vendor

WHAT is Mail Works DI?

Mail Works DI is a marketing-based solution that is designed to seamlessly track the effectiveness of
your direct mail campaign while enhancing results through
the integration of digital platforms like Google, Facebook, Instagram and Informed Delivery


Technologies timed and delivered strategically to drive maximum exposure and engagement for your client's

direct mail campaign



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Online Follow-Up


Social Media 

Follow up

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Follow along with your direct mail campaign in real time to see the granular analytics and overall effectiveness.

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Mail Works DI is designed as an Omnichannel Marketing approach. Turn a single mail piece impression
into multiple impressions to the same audience across multiple platforms.

Lowest Acquisition

Email $39 Per Acquisition (Average)

  • 0.1% Response Rate
  • View Rate Under 25%
  • Low Cost Per Email Sent

Direct Mail $19 Per Acquisition (Average)

  • 3.7% Response Rate
  • View Rate Over 70%
  • Low Cost Per Mailing Sent

Internet Ads $46 Display Advertising

  • 0.06% Response Rate
  • View Rate Under 60%
  • Low Cost Per Display

*Sources: DMA, USPS, Display Benchmark Tool, & Page fair

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